DJ Edoardo

Travelling has always been a really important part of his life and meeting new people and new cultures has been is dream since he was a child... Running an oriental handicraft shop first and getting to play a lot abroad later gave him the chance to be on the road most of his time.
Edoardo started djing long ago, spinning techno and acid tunes in squat parties in Rome, and is now one of the most known djs in the trance scene, having played everywhere in the world, from small clubs and open air parties to the biggest open air gatherings such as Voov, Glade, Samothraki, Soulclipse, Universo Paralello, Rainbow Serpent.
His style is a mix of futuristic psychedelic trance with housey, progressive and electronic breaks and beats.
Giving great importance to the mixing he creates a flowing liquid psychedelic soundscape and he just compiled a new compilation for Neurobiotic Records called “Neurology vol.2”, which will be released in January 2008 and follows the first Neurology compilation, out back in 2005.
Edoardo is also one of the organizer of the mighty Sonica Festival, first trance festival in Italy, taking care of the artistic management of its trance stage. Recently he got back to his roots, playing also techno and minimal tunes, getting great feedbacks either from clubs and open air parties.