DJ Cielo / Skyhopper

He loves to play music that ranges between different Techno style subdivisions up to Electro House. Minimal and Techno are especially close to his heart.

In 2002, his interest in music and mixing started to grow and develop further. Late nights with a friend, weekends spent on listening to his idols from PC with different mix programs and a little try given on mixing at the parties, gave him a slight idea of the feeling that other DJs experience while driving the audience insane.
That made him to start building up his skills and move on to professional turntables and CD players, first off at small private parties and friend’s birthdays.
In 2007, he stared with public performances on Estonian club and dance music events and raves.

His favorite artists are Marco Carola, Pan-Pot, Dubfire, Sarah Goldfarb, Gaiser, Butane, Adam Beyer.