Danny Lloyd

Danny Lloyd was born in the late 70's in a small Tuscan village overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Since his childhood he shows interest in music spending much time listening to records that his mother used to buy for him. While he was growing, his passion increases, and he begins to explore the vast world of electronic music, still practicing any kind, for an innate eclectic sensitivity. In the early 90’s, the contaminations of ambient, deep and experimental house sounds create his unique musical style and give a recognizable stamp to each live session (dj) that he realizes. After his first experience as a producer, in 1994, with the project called "the cream project" (label ZAC), he decided to create his own studio to express himself freely. Over the years, Danny, using various nicknames (Denyo, LloydHertz, Twelve etc etc) explores many styles including Ambient, House, Techhouse, Deep House, Funk Jazz, Chillout, Minimal, Techno, Progressive, creating good experience in production and receiving many international acclaims. He is very requested as a remixer, where he always manages to give a particular interpretation that distinguishes him. Currently, he produces for different labels and different styles of music. His radio-shows are a continuous journey of ups and downs of emotions compared to the flight of a manta ray.

Currently he works with several artists, in particular with the artist Andrea Cassino, creating a very interesting project that they are pursuing for several years, that is “NOCTURNA”.