It is all about the kick boom kick kick boom. This is the basis of the most beloved music called Break Beat. Although Breaks are one of the first electronic music styles, it have never been more popular than now days. Of course it has evolved in many sub styles like Nu school Breaks, Hardcore Breaks, Tear Out, Progressive Breaks, Neuro Breaks, Booty Breaks, Funky Breaks and etc … releases are coming out every day and night and artists are traveling all over the world. This week’s selection is a 100% breaks set compiled by Brokerz.
He is a DJ working on his crew’s web site and online radio station called settled in Bulgaria, his Monday breaks show called “Basstards Live” is gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Bringing the newest and the best from the Breaks scene, Brokerz is always ready to break it up and shake it a little.