Black widoW

Lubomir Maleev (a.k.a. Black widoW) was born in 1986 in Sofia (Bulgaria).

For the first time he faced the electronic music at the age of 14 with Sun Project, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Josh Wink and Tiesto… Influenced by his friends, he started producing music with programs such as Fruity Loops, ReBirth & Reason. After that, he took up mixing foreign music and it became his main hobby. He and his class-mates Vladimir Gruncharov (Regneva) & Zlatin Kostov (Ziki) had identical taste for music and their longing to make the trance music popular inspired them to make Umaia project. Their first party was in January 2004. This was followed by several parties with Bulgarian djs and projects like Magrathea and Solros. Subsequently, he participated in different parties with guests like Atma, Talpa, Prosper, Greed, Yotopia, Digital X, V Sag, Dj Tarkan, Dj Cooper (Cosmic Plasma), R-Tur, Styx… His musical choice doesn’t have style boundaries. It varies according to the mood and the atmosphere. His sets are always different in between, and he wants to reproduce his own trip and to mingle with the people through out the music choice. Here is a little part of artists who he likes: Astrix, Cosma, Atma, Infected Mushroom, Tapla, Blanka, Exaile, X Dream, The Delta, Juno Reactor, Tristan, Prometheus, Synsun, Wrecked Machines, Concept, Iron Madness, Azax Syndrom, Darkpsy, Bon, Highko… During the last few months his desire for producing his own tracks and to play it on parties is intensified and you could expect several tracks, besides his sets!