Ara Coiset / Loco Drum Records

Ara Coiset was born in Córdoba, Argentina. He grew upmotivated for music in general and influenced since he wasa kid by his jazz percussionist. That's why he likes afrikanand afro-latin rythms, being shown on his tracks severaltimes. At the age of 15, he starts listening to electronicmusic. And with no knowledge on producing and only led bycuriosity on the music genre, he creates his firsts electronictracks and starts to discover different styles of electronicmusic. Keeping interest on other different musical genreslike jazz. His Style also reflects his atraction with the soundsof nature and universe. The artist thinks that music is a wayto express feelings and experiences on specific moments oflife, not necessary with words, but with the combination ofsounds and rythms from different sources. In 2010 releaseshis first EP “Sanaviron”. That was a motivation to keepproducing his tracks and growing up musically,experimenting with new different sounds and styles. In 2013opened his own label "Loco Drum Records".