Applezup's decision of leaving the club scene hasn't got him into wealthy results, he has to admit. Lately his gigs have been in unusual places according to the classical conception of a dj. He enjoys performing in places where electronic/eclectic music may seem unexpected. He used to get a thousand people rave under the beats of my decks, which has been quite easy for him (with help of external agents). In the early days, he used to get a thousand people rave under the beats of his decks, which was quite easy considering the use of external agents. Sometimes he's missing that sensation, but it was his own decision.

Now he performs in rather different events such as folk festivals, electronic arts festivals, exhibitions, fashion shops, restaurants, rock concerts, coffee shops, beach parties, barbecues… some really weird locations where people keep looking at him thinking “what's this guy doing here?” These are much more challenging situations for him, where the audience isn't really aware of what's going on, where the action of external agents is not so evident and where, amazingly, he's finding wider open mind public than in common clubs.