Alex Coollook

Alex Coollook is a French/Greek musician, born in Athens, Greece in 1975. His turn towards electronic music came at the age of 21, in 1996, when he moved to England to study. At that time, the big “explosion” of the trance music scene was taking place both in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (with the famous now Oakenfold, Sasha, van Buuren and the rest doing their first steps) and the DJ job was becoming on of the most prestigious in these countries. Alex started collecting vinyls and CDs, and started playing gigs in the region. During that time, he visited all the famous London and Great Britain clubs, festivals and raves, and travelled a lot to neighboring Holland.

At the beginning of 2008, he was approached by Bonzai Music, and he released numerous tracks including remixes by the magician of Trance Laurent Veronnez (aka Airwave, Planisphere) and Perfecto wonderkid, Robert Vadney just to name a few. Alex has hosted regular weekly shows on FM radio stations across Greece and other radio stations worldwide since 2008.

In 2009, he formed Destination Sunshine, which originally started as a promotion team, hosting massive events with Aly & Fila, Simon Patterson, John 00 Fleming and many more, but developed into a successful label, which received massive praise and airplays from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Sean Tyas, Andy Duguid and many more, and making great discoveries in artists like Liquid Vision, Ian Solano, Tonerush, which went to sign their tracks to big labels.
Taking a slight turn towards "softer" and more melodic music, Alex started his new musical venture Balkan Delights (based in Sofia, Bulgaria) in late 2011.

Aiming at delivering to the world the best in progressive (from deep, dark to happy, tech house and techno, always with progressive elements), the label has already managed to sign artists, which have already made an impact on the progressive scene in the last years in the likes of Kiilto, Prancing, Orelse, Loquai, Sandro Peres, Aris Grammenos, just to name a few.

With only objective to bring new young and talented faces at the forefront of the scene, Balkan Delights aims to mix carefully and adequately quality vibes with enchanting melodies and forward-thinking productions. To support this effort, Alex is today hosting a regular weekly radio show called Balkan Delights to promote the label and music he enjoys.