Acid Flux

One of the best UNDERGROUND Hard Techno DJs/Producers from Mexico and also one of the two pioneers at his country. Considered by many inside the top ten ranking in all Latin America and well known all around the world in the underground scene. He is not merely a DJ, but also a complete show when he is performing.
People who have experienced his sets got fascinated by his behavior at the decks, because he does not only gives a very high skilled and excellent quality DJ set, but also a show by letting his madness take control of him and releasing his wicked alter ego, along with tons of Very Aggressive-Frenetic-Distorted-Underground Hard Techno sounds at very high speed.
Electronic Music has always been his passion since he was 10 years old. He decided to start his career as a DJ back in 2000, because he was tired of listening to the same kind of music at clubs and raves. That thirst of new horizons is what led him to mix using more than 155 BPMs and to experiment between the line that divides the Dancefloor from the Hardfloor.
He has always had the courage to surpass the limits, but with responsibility and not forgetting what the crowds need.

He became part of the project called Muknauk in 2002, but he left their ranks. Due to his “Anti-Rockstar” mentality, he didn’t follow the same path as other DJs do: He never liked to use famous and commercial tracks to make the crowds move (besides, this was against his philosophy and against his purposes to show something new to the crowds). His music selection consisted in hard-accelerated-underground-dark sounds (without caring about the artist’s name, but choosing the ones that contained what he was looking for). In other words, tracks that contained sounds that emitted “Beta Waves (which is Stress)”, and not ones that emitted “Alpha Waves (which is Harmony)”. And so, this is how he defined his style, thrusting that, not only the Alpha Waves would make people move, but Beta Waves, too.

He obtained a very good response from the crowds, thanks to his skills for manipulating this “noise” and for his mixing skills. His style had not a specific name, but we can say that it had a Hard Techno base, along with high speed (160BPM minimum) and an aggressive style of mixing. He became a producer in 2002. He is the master-mind behind several Underground Hard Techno Classics such as: Genesis, Apocalipsis, Tesalonicenses, 101 Nightmares Sonata (appears on Schranz Total 15.0 Mixed By Linda Pearl) and all his “Bible Series”!!! He has remixed many important artists inside the Hard Techno scene, such as: Tony Slicer, Weichentechnikk, Jackhamma, O.B.I., Jav, Janie, Dariush Gee, Hexor, Yhunykx, etc. And also has produced tracks together with: HardtraX, Waldhaus, Jav, Reset, Doom Lord, Dariush Gee, Hexor, Jason Little, Orman Bitch, Luvok, DJ Flout, etc.

His tracks appear on FOEM CD COMPILATIONS, where important artists are featured (Arkus P., Weichentechnikk, Mhonolog, Teknicity, etc.) and they are being used by many Underground Artists around the world. He was member of Matame since it began in 2004. His success as a DJ has led him to perform in countries around the world like: Venezuela, Spain and two times at Hungary (K2 Club) and Poland (M25 Club & Club The One). Sharing decks with many international artists: Andreas Kremer, Frank Kvitta, Mario Ranieri, DJ Ocram, O.B.I., Leo Laker aka Switchblade, Jason Little, DJ Arcane, Wortex, Hexor, Dariush Gee, Kill Brothers, Killswitch, Reset, Nilux, Trezor, Daniela Haverbeck, Lego, Pinilvez, Goatface, HFucker, M-11, etc… He has granted several interviews at his country on Radio Stations, TV Channels and Internet Web Sites around the world. “I was tired of listening to lots of DJs claiming that they were tired of the same and that they came to propose something new with their supposedly unique style. But the truth was that, wherever I went, I always listened to the same shit. I was very tired of SEARCHING for something new, so I decided to CREATE something new.”