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Tracklist :
Nu Tunes:
Proff Tell (Anjuna)
Mason - You Are Not Alone (Original Mix) (Animal Language)
Dito - Malta (Luca Lombardi Remix) (Alterego)

It's Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play.... :
Pit Stoner - Flying Paper Plane (Molecule)

Touchstone Exclusive :
Solarstone - Touchstone Album Minimix

Ilya Soloviev - Echo (Original Mix) (Unearthed)
Ben Preston - New Planet (Original Mix) (MondoDeep)
Noor B & Chocolate Kiss - Palmeira (Original Mix) (Straight Up)

Solarstone's Big Tune:
The Steals ft Jayn Hanna-Golden(Jimmy V. M&Luis Jun mix) (Proton)


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aldimax says: (07 Jan 11)

it is awsome