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Tracklist :
Guest Mix: Solar Energy
Tropical Groove - Cloudwalk (Original Mix) (Ask4 Records)
Haris C Feat. Anthya - Tonight (Solar Energy Remix) (Cdr)
Solarstone - Part Of Me (Solar Energy Remix) BUY!
Matthew Monk - Smoking Is Bad (Solar Energy Remix) (Andromeda)
Drilla Feat 77 - An Angel (Apple One Remix) (Cdr)
Solar Energy - Untitled (Cdr)

3 In A Row:
Santiago Nino - Nothing Whatever (Cohagen Records)
Whitecurve - Sonora (Victor Dinaires Lost Episode Remix) (Lange)
Sun State - Flight For The Future (Paul Ercossa Remix) (Emphase)

Forum Favorite:
Robbie Nelson - Aviator (Dan Stone Remix) (Crashing Waves) BUY!

Dj Ange - The Last Testament (Conspiracy)

Chillout Moment:
Solarstone - 4ever (Update Project Remix) (Solaris) BUY!


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