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Tracklist :
Alucard - Fall Breeze (CDR)
Alucard ft. Markus Riva - Love To You
Erander - Boppe (Alucard Remix) (MPFS (Records)
Late Summer Fields (Shadow Lord Remix) (Solaris) BUY!
Alucard - Elation (Solaris)

Solarstone's Big Tune:
Mark Pledger ft Melinda Gareh - Time Stands Still (Solaris)

4 In A Row:
Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Northern Sea (Unearthed)
John Miller - Tornado (Original Mix) (CDR)
Trance Arts - Stratosphere (Dan Stone Remix) (Unearthed Red)
Solarstone - The Last Defeat Pt 1 (Bissen Remix) (Solaris) BUY!
Chillout Moment:
Language Lab - Burning Disaster (Kahuna Kutz 1996)


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