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Tracklist :
01. Cat Knight & Jamie Matrix - Hold On (original mix) [Stealth Records]
02. Matt Darey & Aeron Aether ft. Tiff Lacey - Into The Blue (Chris Domingo remix) [Nocturnal Global]
03. Kaskade, EDX & Haley - Don't Stop Dancing [Ultra]
04. Passenger 10 - Skyline (original mix) [Unreleased Digital]
05. Ticon - Models On Cocaine (Weekend Heroes remix) [Jetlag Digital]
06. Austin Leeds ft. Eileen Jaime - Turning Up The Disco (original mix) [Spinnin]
07. DJ Ortzy ft. Lesley Lafferty - Something (original mix) [Confidence]
08. Dreamman ft. York - Moonrise On The Beach (Baja California Aka Marco Torrance remix) [Green Martian]
09. Ticon - Jinxed (Christian Smith remix) [Iboga Records]
10. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Franco Maldini remix) [542]

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