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Tracklist :
01. DJ Rap - Give It All Away (Sultan & Ned Shepard remix) [MoS (America)]
02. Josh Gabriel - Viscosity (David Call remix) [Different Pieces]
03. Nima Nas vs. The Kickdrums - Fading In And Out (original mix) [Deep End Netherlands]
04. Tone Depth - Rumblefish (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins remix) [Bedrock Digital]
05. Chris Lake - Release (Taurus & Vaggeli mix) [Rising Music]
06. Cicada - One Beat Away (Arno Cost remix) [Critical Mass]
07. Save The Robot - Symphony Of Fish (original mix) [Pacha Recordings]
08. Chris MiMo - Airstrike (Big In Ibiza mix) [Big In Ibiza]
09. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Shameless (Mark Lowry mix) [Seamless Recordings]
10. Jono Fernandez ft. Kathleen Mitchell - Everytime (Stefan Anion mix) [Proton Music]

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