/Ambient & Chill/AuroraX - Towards Aldebaran [2014]/

There's nothing but years and light years of space between us and the frozen dream of Aldebaran.
The Kepler telescope peered at 42,000 stars, examining just a slice of our galaxy to see how many planets like Earth are out there.
There are about 200 billion stars in our galaxy, with 40 billion of them like our Sun.
Based on the 1-in-5 estimate, the closest Earth-size planet that is in the habitable temperature zone and circles a sun-like star is probably within 70 trillion miles (11 light years) of Earth.
And the 8.8 billion Earth-size planets figure is only a start... to something exceptional.

01.AuroraX - Walking Monotones [Sonic Loom Music]
02.DJ Kundalini - A Couple of Nights [Geomagnetic TV]
03.E-mantra - Kaleidoscope Clouds [Altar Records]
04.Astronaut Ape - Alive [Microcosmos Records]
05.Distant System - Astropolis [Celestial Dragon Records]
06.Momentum - Cloudsurfing [Sonic Loom Music]
07.Distant System - Gravitational Vortices [Celestial Dragon Records]
08.Spiritual Silence - Siberian Spirit [Unreleased]
09.Aes Dana - Aftermath #5 [Ultimae Records]
10.Aes Dana - Memory Shell (Lost Radio E-dit) [Ultimae Records]
11.Siebzehn - Sacred Communication [Altar Records]
12.This track will be added soon. [Unreleased]
13.This track will be added soon. [Unreleased]
14.Aes Dana - Heights / Shouting Valley [Ultimae Records]
15.Solar Fields - Monogram [Ultimae Records]
16.AuroraX - Human Navigations (Guitars by E.U.E.R.P.I) [Altar Records]

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