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  • Ollie Drummond Artist of the Weekend on EILO!
    21 Jul 2016

    EILO is proud to announce that Ollie Drummond is nominated for our Artist of the Weekend for the 30th and 31st of July! This exceptionally talented individual has prepared an amazing exclusive mix for all of us which is going to start at 18:00 GMT (7pm in Britain). As usual on that weekend the House...

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  • Felipe Kastegliano Artist of the Weekend!
    10 Jul 2016

    Here we go again! The following weekend will be special as well! We nominated Felipe as our Artist of the Weekend because we believe he has a lot to show you! Our guest from a 'different space' will rock your world with his smashing mix at 18:00 GMT on Saturday and Sunday which is 7 pm in Britain! ...

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  • Are You In?!
    04 Jul 2016

    You better have EILO radio installed on your device! All of our channels at anytime you want and when you need them the most! Some of our great shows for you wherever you are! Stay tuned!

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  • Steve Hughes Artist of the Weekend on EILO
    27 Jun 2016

    We nominated Steve Hughes as our next special guest in Artist of the Weekend on EILO simply because we think he is awesome. Learn more about him this weekend from the interview he gave for us and don't miss out his exclusive mix starting at 18:00 GMT (7pm in Britain) on House Channel.

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  • Paul Soul Artist of the Weekend on EILO!
    20 Jun 2016

    We are so proud to finally have Paul Soul as our special guest this weekend! The waiting totally worth it as his exclusive mix is a total bomb which is not a surprise. Don't you dare miss it out this Saturday at 18:00 GMT which is 7pm in Britain and then again on a Sunday same time. He gave a specia...

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  • The RvS Weekender 2016
    20 Aug 2016

    RvS has always been about flora and fauna, so we thought it's about time we put together an event in the great outdoors. For the first RvS Weekender, we have teamed up with Electric Discotheque to create something truly special and intimate at a stunning lakeside, woodland sanctuary within an hour o...

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