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  • Darren Roach Artist of the Weekend on EILO
    30 May 2016

    This time we nominated Mr Darren Roach as our Artist of the Weekend on EILO! We have been waiting for this moment for quite a long time and we are pleased to welcome him on a board! Looking forward to listen to his exclusive mix on Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 GMT which is 7 pm in Britain! Stay tun...

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  • Jason Hodges Artist of the Weekend
    23 May 2016

    We have nominated this Canadian Born for our Artist of the Weekend! For those of you who do not know Jason Hodges started his career in 1991 and since then he proved to be a very talented Dj&producer. We are honoured to have him with us so you have to make time this Saturday&Sunday at 18:00 GMT for...

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  • LO Artist of the Weekend!
    16 May 2016

    Bonjour! We are honoured and delighted to announce our special guest for Artist of the Weekend on EILO! LO is an amazing DJ and producer from France who always knows how to surprise and put the things together in a unique way. He has been involved to so many UK events as now he has become a favour...

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  • Ivo Graves a special guest in Artist of the Weekend on EILO
    09 May 2016

    This weekend is going to be different! Bulgarian Dj Ivo Graves has prepared something very special for all of us. You will have a great chance to learn more about him and to enjoy his exclusive mix on our Mixotic channel on the 14th & 15th of May at 18:00 GMT! Make sure you will be right on time!...

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  • Dutchie Artist of the Weekend on EILO
    02 May 2016

    After the massive success of the last weekend's show we continue our music journey with Dutchie! Dutchie's recognisable style makes him well known to the UK underground scene. After his unforgettable mix for the 14th anniversary of Superfreq in March this year he has become one of our favourites and...

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    11 Jun 2016

    Aleksandra hosts the Terrace at Egg London for METROPOLIS 20 with DJ Steven & Jassen Petrov as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration. Supported by the well known on London's underground scene SUB SECRET and Bristol based Bulgarian DJs and production duo Critical Damage. IMPORTANT NOTES...

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